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Flexible Percussion Ensembles

Composed by Stephen Marskell and Brian West these percussion ensembles provide excellent rhythm reading practice and a chance for your students to use non-traditional instruments to make music. No need to pull apart your Drum Kit or purchase expensive instruments! Use readily available objects or make your own instruments.

THESE ARE NOT SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR DRUMMERS. Use them for rhythm based ensemble work or as whole class activities. Great also as "unusual" concert pieces.

(To see a score excerpt in pdf format click on the title in the listing of pieces column below.)

Listing of pieces


The Counting Trick

percussion duet using simple rhythms for two different percussion timbres and/or word rhythms.
(Suit students of 1-2 years rhythm reading experience)

Time Out

for any three different percussion timbres.
(suit students of 2-3 years rhythm reading experience)


percussion duet for fingers and hands on a desktop.
(Suit students of 2-3 years rhythm reading experience)


for any three different percussion timbres or grab some kitchen utensils.
(Suit students of 3-4 years rhythm reading experience)
percussion ensemble for six billy cans!
(Suit grades 9-12)
New titles coming soon:
percussion quartet for coconut shell players
for three players each having two poles